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Cyber Security Workshop at Vilnius - 23rd Jan 2018

As we enter 2018, the world will no longer be the same. We now completely rely on the internet and technology to achieve our aims, whilst at the same time, the amount of data held by companies and organisations on individuals raises new risks and challenges. All governments now regard their IT networks as key elements within their governance frameworks, without which countries can rise or fall.

It is even now regarded as the fourth dimension of warfare; Land, Sea, Air, and cyber-space within NATO.

There are two ways of dealing with these threats and opportunities; either sticking your head in the sand and hoping that threat actors focus on other people or by sharing ideas and working together across industry sectors and national borders, to make sure we can stay one step behind threat actors - not ten steps behind.

We have opted for option two.

In this regard, it is an absolute pleasure to be giving the keynote talk at Garage48 in Vilnius. Supported by Startup Estonia and the United Kingdom, along with Rise Vilnius, Simplex, and Latitude 59, we will be discussing how to best connect cybersecurity best practices with the reality of running a business or organisation that relies on IT; bringing together data scientists, non-technical and technical cybersecurity or data protection professionals, designers, developers, marketers & project managers from across the Baltic and the United Kingdom.

The goal is simple, to discuss how we can improve cybersecurity as a whole, covering the following aspects:
  • Connecting best practice with the reality of running IT
  • How to make cybersecurity matters connect with people where it is not their first concern
  • Social Engineering, and how best to combat the threat
  • How we can work together to improve security; now and in the future.
I am really looking forward to attending and presenting how we approach this at the University of Cambridge to our friends in Europe, along with my excellent colleague Dr David Modic.

For more information, please see the  Garage48 website.


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